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Department of Informatics, W.R. and Yvonne Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Fort Hays State University KS, US
Nicholas received his BSc and in MSc (magna cum laude) in Computer science from the University of Bari, in 2004 and 2007, respectively. He got a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from IMT (Lucca). Both his Master and PhD theses were awarded by AICA as the best dissertations in Computer Science, in 2008 and 2012, respectively. Ultimately, he got a Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship from the Santa Clara University (California, US), thanks to a Fulbright scholarship.
In 2011 he founded QIRIS (www.qiris.org), a non-profit organization committed to helping young people create new ventures. In 2013 he founded an internationally-awarded company which develops dbGLOVE (www.dbglove.com), a wearable IoT device for enabling blind and deaf-blind people communicate with others and interact with the world. In 2016, Nicholas founded Paperleap (www.paperleap.com) a VC-backed company supporting researchers in getting access to publishing opportunities. He recently joined the Autonomous Systems and Robotics research centre at the University of Salford as an Experienced Researcher, with a Marie Curie fellowship. His research interests include haptics, robotics, assistive technology, medical informatics, immersive interaction, touch-based communication, and gesture-based interaction.